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Our History

Vibe Dental Group began as a single location in Pulaski, TN. In 2008, Dr. Owens purchased his first practice from Dr. Ken Webb.  It was in this small, 1100 sq/ft building that Dr. Owens began his career.  He started with 5 employees, most of which still work for the organization. 


Dr. Owens built the practice on simple premise that we should always treat our patients and employees as if they are family. This foundational belief led the practice to see fantastic growth during its first 7 years.  The practice and the team more than doubled, going from $400k in production to over $1M and from 5 employees to 8.


However, in 2014 Dr. Owens experienced some terrible and life-changing events.  In the span of only a few months he went through a divorce while also losing his best friend and mentor to a tragic biking accident. During this time, Dr. Owens searched for answers to how he could find his own path in practice and in business.  So in 2016, he went back to school to earn his MBA and joined an extensive, 2-year program designed to train dentists in communication and business skills.  Through these trainings, Dr. Owens learned how to organize, lead, market, and run a dental business.


The entire team learned how to communicate with patients and each other, how to spot a person's emotional tone, and how to effectively get others to do the treatment that we know they desperately need. This training paid quick dividends, as the practice doubled in size over the span of only one year.  By 2017, less than 2 years after starting the program with MGE, the practice had grown to 13 employees, including Dr. Carter who is now a partner.  We continued to grow and added our third dentist, Dr. Wright, in 2019.  By the end of 2019, we had tripled in production to $3M annually, grown to a team of over 20, and were now in a new 4,000+ sq./ft.  facility.


In 2020, we made the decision to add a second location in Pulaski even though we were in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.  We continued to grow and added the third practice to our group by the end of 2021.  This practice was owned by Dr. Evelyn Coln and was our first out-of-state location, which was in Huntsville, AL.  Dr. Coln and her team have been an amazing addition to our team.  From there, we added a fourth location in Antioch, TN in June 2022 followed by our fifth location in Fairview, TN in October of the same year.  The practice continues to grow with annual revenues of over $7M, more than 60 employees, and 9 doctors being supported by 2023. 


Our desire is to continue to grow and expand.  We do NOT do this just for the sake of growth.  Dr. Owens' personal mission has always been to have a positive influence on as many lives as possible.  We know that we can accomplish by continuing to expand our patient base and our team.  By expanding, we can continue to influence other's lives positively and share our VIBE with the world!!!



We exist to educate and improve health with high quality care.


Our vision is to influence as many people, families, and communities as possible through creating health, providing leadership, educating patients, training individuals, developing teams, and having a positive impact on humanity.  This positive impact extends to patients and team members alike, and it is the defining characteristic that will drive Vibe to be the best dental support organization in the country.  


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